Meet Us


We are Alex and Sarah, a husband and wife team who discovered our love for amazing and beautiful celebrations when we planned our daughter’s 1st birthday party. With the desire throw the most beautiful and fun celebration for her, we worked hard to create a party that we, and all of our guests will cherish and remember. This inspired us to launch Sarsie’s Parties with a mission to bring our clients’ their party visions to life by creating the most beautiful and unforgettable events for their children without having to deal with all the stresses involved in the process.




Five years, hundreds of parties, thousands of balloons, and lots and lots of crafts later, we have learned that planning and executing elaborate celebrations is no easy feat, involving long hours, a lot of creativity, and ingenuity. We set up early and we pack up late. We haul materials, run around to coordinate events, and sometimes, we channel our inner powers to make the impossible happen. We plan for weeks, prepare for days, and set up and tear down for hours. We occasionally ask ourselves, in the midst of the chaos, “Why the heck are we doing this?” (We are human, after all!) And when it is all over, we take a step back and we take it all in, and we realize that we do this because it is all worth it --- making clients’ celebrations beautiful and unforgettable. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to do what we love while taking part in creating memories for a lot of families, and it is our hope that you allow us to create yours too.